Tax Management


Get Help With Your Tax Management Strategy 

Gary understands that an essential part of financial management is tax planning. We'll work with you, your family, and your goals to plan for a high level of tax efficiency and a low level of tax liability. We'll look at your income, the potential size, and timing of upcoming significant purchases, as well as your ability to contribute to a retirement plan, to address that your financial planning meets your needs without coming into a higher-than-expected tax bill.

This woman with her taxes spread out on the floor might benefit from a Tax Management StrategyHow We Can Help

When you're a client at Velocity Community Investment Services, we will help you navigate asset allocation to determine whether a particular investment is best to hold in a taxable or tax-deferred account. But we don't stop there; we'll also provide sound financial advice to:

  • Determine the most tax-efficient manner in which to distribute retirement assets.  
  • Choose investment vehicles such as ETFs or other passive options that help reduce unnecessary taxable consequences.  
  • Design an Accumulation strategy for clients still working that could entail leveraging ROTH 401k's, ROTH IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, or other retirement savings vehicles to reduce, defer, or possibly eliminate taxes on your investments. 

If your financial plan doesn't take into account taxes, set up an appointment today. Gary is ready to help you reduce tax liability and increase your retirement contributions.